Girl hospitalized after dog bite to the neck

Many Florida residents own dogs and love them dearly. Many dog owners even consider dogs to be part of the family. Dogs can, however, sometimes display uncharacteristic behaviour that can lead to bites and attacks. These attacks unfortunately happen to children many times. Such was the case in Minnesota when a dog attacked a 4-year-old, biting her in the neck.

The dog bite occurred on the afternoon of Sept. 7. It is unknown exactly what provoked the dog to bite the girl, but there was an event happening at the farm, near Courtland, Minnesota. There were many people there at the time of the attack. The dog had never bitten anyone before, and the girl had been around the dog previously.

The girl was taken to New Ulm Hospital for treatment and later airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center. The severity of her injuries is unknown.

The dog is current on its shots and is in under quarantine by its owners. The sheriff’s office does not plan to file criminal charges against the owners due to the nature of the incident.

Many children have been seriously injured and even killed by dog bites. This incident shows that dogs can be unpredictable, and parents should always keep an eye on their young children at all times when around unfamiliar dogs.

It is unclear who owned the dog, but it doesn’t look like the dog is the child’s family pet. Although the dog owner won’t be criminally charged, the child’s parents may want to file a personal injury suit against the owners. The parents should at least attempt to recover compensation for medical bills and other trauma caused by the accident. A personal injury lawyer can determine whether or not the child’s parents have a solid case.

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