Garbage truck accident claims two lives

Driving is an activity that takes an extraordinary amount of skill. It is especially difficult in a larger vehicle, such as a garbage truck. Large vehicles often have trouble seeing smaller vehicles because there are more blind spots. Therefore, collisions are more likely to occur.

Sadly, a garbage truck accident in Jacksonville, Florida, on Aug. 23, led to the deaths of two people. The early morning crash occurred when a garbage truck left its facility and traveled south on Philips Highway. It then crossed into the left-hand lane in order to turn through the median. The truck driver failed to see a Kia minivan that was already in the left lane. The driver of the minivan could not stop immediately and hit the rear wheels of the truck. The impact caused the vehicle to overturn.

The men in the Kia — ages 25 and 33, both from Jacksonville — died at the accident scene. One was wearing a seatbelt, while the other wasn’t. The truck driver, a 47-year-old man, was wearing a seatbelt and was uninjured. A section of the highway was closed for nearly four hours so that Highway Patrol could investigate the accident.

Driving a commercial truck requires a significant amount of training. The sheer size of a garbage truck presents issues that make visibility a concern. Truck drivers need to be aware of these challenges and drive safely. In addition, drivers of passenger vehicles need to drive defensively around large trucks and anticipate their next move.

Who is liable for the accident? Can the case be considered wrongful death? Family members who face a similar situation — in which their loved one has died in an auto accident — may seek legal help in order to protect their rights and receive the financial compensation they require to pay funeral expenses and move forward with their lives.

Source, “Jacksonville accident on Philips Highway kills 2” Dana Treen, Aug. 23, 2013