Pit Bull Attack Leaves 4-Year-Old Girl With Bike Injuries

A Florida family is recovering from a scary incident in which their two pet pit bulls turned on the family’s 4-year-old daughter in an unexpected and dangerous attack. Fortunately, the girl’s father was close enough to grab the girl away from the dogs.

The family tried to fight the dogs away with an art easel until they could run out of the home. Despite the father’s best efforts, the daughter still suffered at least one serious bite on her face. Police officers responded and authorities ultimately decided to euthanize the dogs.

This incident illustrates how unpredictable animal attacks can be. The family claims that the dogs had no history of aggression. Families should be sure to remind children that it is dangerous to interact with a strange dog and that even familiar pets may react in dangerous and unexpected ways.

When a dog attack does occur, families may have legal options. Each case is different and a personal lawyer can help victims determine if they are entitled to compensation.

Source: Opposing Views, “2 Pit Bulls Attack Owner [Omitted] And 4-Year-Old Daughter In Florida Home,” Denise A Justin, June 24, 2013