Early Morning Condo Explosion Kills One Resident

A gas explosion killed one man and leveled a condo complex this morning. Accidents like this are all too common and, like many other explosions, this incident could point to negligence on the part of a building manager or utility company.

The explosion occurred at 6:20 a.m. and news images showed widespread devastation that affected several buildings. Three other residents suffered injuries.

Accidents like this often involve negligent maintenance. In apartment buildings and condos that rely upon a professional management service for maintenance needs, victims often have premises liability claims against the persons responsible for keeping the property in a safe condition.

A similar explosion that happened earlier in the spring is a good example of how this can occur. That explosion involved a leaking propane line inside the building itself. Basic maintenance should discover and correct this kind of problem before it hurts someone.

Sadly, mistakes like harm many residents of rental properties every year. The law often entitles victims to compensation in situations like this. An experienced personal injury law firm can help victims explore their options.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Police: 1 dead after Maine condo explosion,” Clarke Canfield, June 25, 2013