Regulators Focus On Day Care Safety Problems

The Obama administration announced a new proposal to address safety practices at the numerous federally funded child care and day care facilities around the nation. This is a welcome development: tighter rules and more specific guidelines dealing with a wide range of safety issues will help protect children from negligence on the part of caregivers.

Day care facilities and providers are subject to a wide variety of rules. Depending on the state, county, or municipality, the requirements dealing with safety training and employee back ground checks work in very different ways. The result is that many parents might think that their children are safer during the day than they actually are.

Some of the topics that could be subject to the new rules include the existence of safety evacuation plans, CPR training, poison control procedures, and proper guidelines for transporting children in vehicles during the day.

Another central provision would institute unannounced surprise inspections at all day care facilities. Those inspections would result in public records that would be easily accessible for parents.

With more information, parents can make better decisions to help them carefully choose a facility at which children will be safe from negligence-related accidents and injuries.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Feds Propose Child Care Center Safety Steps, Employee Background Checks,” Kelli Kennedy, May 20, 2013