Airport Sign Update: Mother Released From Hospital

More than a week after a tragic accident in which an airport sign fell on three family members, the last victim has been released from the hospital. This accident is an example of how important it is for property owners to ensure that facilities are safe enough for members of the public to visit. In this case, a massive display sign fell off of an airport wall and on top of four family members.

One of the victims, a mother on her way home from a family vacation in Florida, was unconscious for several days. The accident broke both of her ankles and caused other severe injuries. According to news sources, the woman is now recovering at home with the rest of her family-including two of her children who were also struck by the sign. A third child died.

As one of our recent posts explained, it will likely take some time before authorities discover exactly what caused this accident. Airport officials are already meeting with contractors and subcontractors who may have been responsible for the area of the facility in which the defective sign was located.

The results of this investigation might reveal several routes by which the family could seek justice for their losses. In addition to premises liability theories, the family might have a claim against the contractors or subcontractors for negligence.

Source: Alabama Live, “Kansas mother injured in Birmingham airport sign collapse released from hospital,” Sarah A. McCarty, Mar. 31, 2013