Gainesville Boy Recovering From Pet Store Dog Bite

A Florida family recently encountered a nightmare scenario while shopping at their local pet store. Shortly after a mother and her three children approached other shoppers to talk about their pit bull, the dog lunged at the woman’s 6-year-old son.

The dog bit the boy’s face and his injuries required nine stitches. Like many dog attacks, it is unclear what caused the pit bull to bite the boy. All three children were standing nearby and petting it at the time of the attack.

Unfortunately, the two men who were with the dog behaved like too many other dog owners: they tried to flee the scene to avoid any responsibility for the attack. Authorities were able to track down the dog and quarantine according to county laws.

In cases like this in which an owner denies or runs from responsibility for an attack, it can be difficult to seek the compensation to which victims are entitled. A Florida lawyer with significant experience on behalf of other dog bite victims can help families explore their legal options after an animal attack.

Source: Gainesville Times, “Boy recovering from dog bite to face,” Sharon Dunten, Mar. 20, 2013