Slip-And-Fall: Florida Victim Wins Award Against Wal-Mart

A Florida man recently won a large settlement against massive retailer Wal-Mart after the company negligently allowed one of its signs to create a slip-and-fall hazard in a store aisle. This win is just the most recent slip-and-fall case to hold Wal-Mart accountable for failing to keep its stores safe for customers.

The plaintiff in this case slipped on piece of a sign that fell off of a Gatorade display. Wal-Mart allowed the sign to lie on the floor where customers could slip on it. Store security cameras captured a clear video of the incident – leaving no doubt that the sign was to blame for the victim’s injuries.

After this fall, the victim required several surgeries and he expects to suffer from a permanent condition that will impair his ability to work in the future. His award of $1.3 million will cover $200,000 in medical bills and compensate him for lost future wages.

Wal-Mart has been involved in several similar cases in recent years. Two serious slip-and-fall injuries occurred in 2012 – both accidents occurred after Wal-Mart did not bother to clean up spilled liquids. A truck driver won another large $10 million award after she slipped in a Wal-Mart delivery area.

These cases are a reminder that even massive companies like Wal-Mart have an enormous obligation to keep their premises safe for customers.

Source: Huffington Post, “Tom Papakalodoukas, Florida Man, Wins Walmart Lawsuit After Fall Causes ‘Popeye Deformity,’” Harry Bradford, Feb. 12, 2013