Safety and New Year’s Eve Party Planning

Many people are aware that New Year’s Eve is the number one drunk-driving night of the year. One way to avoid the problem is to host a New Year’s Eve party yourself, and avoid the hassles of driving or needing to find a sober ride. Hosting a party comes with its own risks however. It is important to consider the health and safety of your party guests in order to avoid injuries and potential premises liability claims.

The website offers several tips for preventing tragedies and ensuring that your party can be enjoyed safely. As host, you are advised to name a designated driver, or drivers, as the case may be, in advance. You can contact a local cab company to ensure that all of your guests have rides home without risking the potential for a fatal drunk driving accident. Hosts should also consider ceasing to serve alcohol several hours before guests will be leaving. Finally, a party host should be prepared to offer guests a place to stay overnight to prevent people from getting into their cars while intoxicated.

New Year’s Eve also brings the potential for injuries in the home. Alcohol can be deadly for drivers, but it also increases the chances of a slip and fall, or even a fight breaking out at your party. As the owner of the property, you might be surprised to discover what you can be held liable for if an injury occurs. You should take the time to consider any safety hazards in your home before inviting guests and plying them with alcohol.

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