Miami Construction Accident

Witnesses report that a construction worker was struck by a ball-shaped object while working on the second floor of a Miami building recently. The object, swung from a construction vehicle, threw him toward a metal pole on the site and injured his leg. Miami firefighters are not sure about that account and instead believe the man was struck by a crane cable. Whatever the case, the impact caused him to fall several feet. The injured worker was taken to Ryder Trauma Center for treatment.

A significant percentage of construction accident injuries are caused by construction vehicles. Workers can be crushed, run over, pinned and knocked down when a construction vehicle is not operated safely. On a noisy construction site, workers who are forced to work in the immediate vicinity with vehicles may have little or no warning before being hit. The difficulty involved in operating these vehicles and the circumstances in which they are operated contribute to the danger posed by construction vehicles.

The worker in this case was conscious and his life was not in danger after the incident. He may face a long and difficult recovery, but the situation could have been worse.

Source: NBC Miami, “Worker Injured in Miami Construction Accident,” 17 November 2012