Fatal Residential Construction Accident In Tampa Bay

In a difficult economy, many homeowners take on their own construction projects. Small groups may attempt to flip homes without the assistance of licenses contractors or construction companies. Residential construction generally has less stringent requirements than commercial construction. This allows builders more flexibility in completing projects. Unfortunately, the flexibility may increase the number of dangerous situations a worker faces in completing the necessary work.

One of three men who purchased a home near Tampa Bay died this week after a concrete wall fell on him. The men were working on completing an addition to the home when the 8-foot wall fell. The other two owners were present but were uninjured. The cause of the tragic construction accident is not known at this time.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers a number of guides and tools designed to help identify potentially harmful conditions in residential construction. It provides solutions to many of those hazards. Anyone participating in a residential construction project should strongly consider reviewing the information before beginning work.

Safety considerations are of paramount importance when performing any type of construction work. Residential and commercial construction work can be highly dangerous. Even the most experienced worker can be injured. OSHA guidelines help prevent these injuries and give workers the best chance of having an accident-free work environment.

Source: WINK News Now, “Man dies during residential construction accident,” 23 November 2012