Senior Drivers Benefit From Advancements In Technology

Many people credit technological advancement with the dramatic reduction in the number of fatal car accidents per mile driven in the United States. Car accidents are less common and less likely to be fatal than they have been in the past. According to an article in AARP The Magazine, a new wave of auto technology will soon improve the safety picture for older drivers. In addition to technology, the AARP also touts the benefits of its online course intended to help senior drivers improve their driving skills and, in the process, potentially get a discount on their auto insurance.

While technology has the power to improve driving safety, it must be accessible and easy to use in order for drivers to realize those benefits. The Hartford and MIT AgeLab did research on new forms of technology to see if it would be truly useful to senior drivers. The research led to a list of top ten technologies recommended by the AARP for senior drivers. Among those technologies are smart headlights, intended to improve a person’s ability to see at night, rear cameras and back-up monitoring systems, designed to make it easier for seniors to see objects directly behind them, and vehicle stability control systems that can help prevent a crash in bad weather.

No widely available technology can replace a conscientious and skilled driver behind the wheel. Every driver is responsible for the safety of those they share the road with. It is important to make sure that you are fit to drive before you get behind the wheel, regardless of what technological advancements your vehicle may possess.

Source: Examiner, “AARP recommends certain auto technology for seniors,” by James Nelson, 30 October 2012