Panter’s Pointers: Tips for Tailgating This Football Season

Football season is finally back! Tailgating is the quintessential football celebration, where family and friends gather together before the big game, grill up burgers, share football stories, and enjoy each other’s company. But add 100,000 swirling, tipsy fans to the mix and things can get a bit dicey. Everyone likes to party and have a good time, but being prepared to handle the pre-game partying and partygoers will keep you safe and assure your spot in the parking lot for the next game.

Keep the Party and Food Fun

If you’re grilling, make sure all raw meat is kept in its own container, away from any food that doesn’t need to be cooked. Keep mayonnaise, potato salad and other sides spoiled by heat refrigerated, as well. Most importantly, wash your hands, and make sure your kids wash theirs too!

Designate a meeting spot where you can reunite with lost friends or children in case you’re separated from them during the festivities. You can check the stadium’s website before heading over; it should provide handy information regarding lost children, security and other safety regulations.

Be Cool, Calm, and Collected

Be careful and exercise restraint in expressing your devotion for your team and the sport in general. Our stadiums may seem safe, but there are extreme instances of tragedy when caution was not exercised. Unfortunately, one such case occurred last year, when a father fell from a stadium balcony trying to catch a ball for his son.

Panter’s Pointers for fun and safe Tailgating:

1. Have a plan: have a designated meeting place in case you’re separated from family or friends.
2. Be cool, cautious and aware of your surroundings.
3. Make sure your food is fully cooked.
4. Report unruly fan behavior.
5. Stay hydrated: drink lots of water.
6. Have a GREAT TIME!