Memorial Day Weekend Car Accidents A Big Problem

A marked increase in moving violations is one of the hallmarks of a holiday weekend. Every year, numerous drivers run red lights during Memorial Day weekend which leads to countless car accidents. The result of an impatient driver’s negligent behavior is often a serious injury or even a fatality. If you are driving during the holiday weekend, particularly on Friday afternoon, you should be on the lookout for drivers running red lights, driving too quickly, and otherwise operating their vehicles in a negligent manner.

The National Coalition for Safer Roads did a study of drivers running red lights. The study covered 18 states and identified more than 2.3 million moving violations in 2011. The number of red lights run increased significantly over Memorial Day weekend, making it one of the most dangerous weekends of the year for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Last year, 27 percent more red lights were run during Memorial Day weekend than during the average non-holiday weekend.

The temptation is easy to understand. The desire to beat traffic and get your holiday plans underway sooner makes waiting for an extra light a frustrating experience. Increased traffic causes commuters to suffer an unusually congested drive home. More cars, pressure to get home, and the tantalizing allure of what is for many a three-day weekend can cause drivers to make the poor decision to race a stoplight.

The most important thing to remember is that the few seconds you might save going through the red light can cost you your life or the life of an innocent stranger. Patience and good judgment are never more important than when traffic is at its worst. Drive carefully and watch out for unsafe drivers and you stand a much better chance of getting through the holiday weekend unscathed.

Source: USA Today, “Memorial Day a peak time for running red lights, study says,” by Charisse Jones, 23 May 2012