Tassimo Coffee Makers Recalled

A popular brand of single-cup coffee brewers has been recalled based on the possibility of causing burns. In addition to the defective coffee makers, Tassimo has also recalled packages of their espresso T-discs. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has fielded 140 claims from people who had their coffee makers spray their contents, scalding hot liquid, coffee grounds or tea leaves, upon heating. Several of the victims were badly burned and needed medical attention to treat their burns.

The problem with the coffee makers appears to be a plastic disc that is used to carry the coffee or tea. As the coffee or tea brews, the disc heats up and can explode. The injury reports have come from all over the country, as well as Canada. The recall covers more than 800,000 makers in the United States and 900,000 in Canada. So far, 37 people have confirmed suffering second degree burns due to the defective machines.

The CPSC maintains an active website listing many consumer goods that have been recalled. The products listed range from toys to electronics and personal care items. While most recalls do not involve something as dramatic as spraying scalding liquid, many represent a threat to consumers. Manufacturers and retailers are responsible for making sure that the products they provide are safe for consumers.

If you own a Tassimo brand home coffee maker, you should check to make sure it has not been recalled before using it. Unfortunately, many people first discovered their machines were faulty by suffering serious burns.

Source: USA Today, “Tassimo coffee makers recalled over burn risk,” 10 February 2012