Panter’s Pointers: Flight Safety Tips for the Holidays

Panter’s Pointers are in full swing this holiday season. In this edition, we’d like to address flight safety tips for the holidays. November and December are the busiest months of the year for airports and travelers alike. In the new economic environment airlines have been cutting back dramatically on the number of flights they have available. This means that flights are fuller and airports are busier than ever before.

This new trend is likely to continue even during the typically busy travel time, of this holiday season. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for traveling, but there are steps you can take to assure your trips success.

First and foremost pack responsibly. Don’t over pack. If our bags are too heavy, you’ll be charged an additional fee.

Leave early if you’re driving to the airport and drive cautiously. Holiday drivers sometimes drive erratically especially if they’re late for a flight. Leaving early assures you’ll have plenty of time check your bags and get through security.

Keep track of your belongings. Be sure you are aware of where your luggage is at all times. Unattended luggage can be stolen or seized by airport security safety precautions because of terrorist threats.

December is the season to hold your loved ones close. Keep your family close to you. It is easy to lose someone in the sea of holiday travelers.

Tag your luggage with your personal identification information. If you already have luggage tags, don’t forget to update the information on them.

During the holiday season, the airport is managing an enormous amount of luggage and some bags are bound to go missing. If your luggage is tagged, it will help it find its way back to you if the airline misplaces your luggage.

Panter’s Pointers for Flying Safe

  • Pack responsibly. Your bag must be under 50 pounds.
  • Leave early so you have plenty of time to airport and through security.
  • Watch your luggage.
  • Keep you loved ones close.
  • Tag your luggage.