No One is Above the Law, Including Law Enforcement

It is common knowledge that every person is expected to obey the law. Law enforcement is one of the main ways our governement strives to keep our community safe. But what happens when the person breaking the law is someone who is supposed to be enforcing it? This is exactly the type of situation that’s stirring up controversy between a state trooper and a Miami police officer.

On October 11 during the mid-morning hours, a state trooper noticed that someone in a Miami police vehicle was driving erratically swerving through lanes at speeds of 122 miles per hour. Trooper Donna Jane Watts reportedly decided to pull over the vehicle after witnessing the wild driving for several minutes. The driver was Miami Officer Fausto Lopez, who was handcuffed during the incident but ultimate released and charged with reckless driving.

Regardless of the chain of events that occurring prior to the traffic stop and during the traffic stop, the fact that the Miami officer was topping speeds of 120 miles an hour is clearly a violation of the law. Traffic laws were created to protect everyone on the road, including police officers and state troopers.

While the vast majority of police officers serve and protect with honor and integrity, there are those that make poor decisions. Law enforcement exists to make our communities safe, which can only happen if we all abide by the laws that were created to protect us. The safety of our community depends on everyone’s contribution.

Source: Miami Herald, “Reckless driving charge against Miami police office sparks tension with FHP,” Charles Rabin, 3 November 2011