Fatal car accident on State Road 836 in Miami

A tragic five car accident claimed the life of one woman and left several others seriously injured on Tuesday morning. The accident occurred on State Road 836 during morning rush-hour. The highway was closed at LeJeune Road while Miami-Dade authorities responded at the scene.

The crash began when a mini-van lost control, veered across traffic and rolled over. The van struck two other vehicles and two more vehicles crashed trying to avoid the rolling van. Though the full extent of all the injuries is not known, two people were left in critical condition and at least four others were seriously injured. The identity of the woman who was killed in the crash has not been released.

The fast actions of other drivers may have helped to limit the damage in this crash. Before emergency vehicles could arrive, bystanders helped free drivers who were trapped in their vehicles, as well as administering CPR to at least one victim who was not breathing. Eyewitness accounts indicate that the occupants of the van were unconscious when the vehicle caught fire. The heroic efforts of their fellow motorists likely saved several lives.

No information was available concerning what caused the mini-van to lose control. What is clear is how quickly an accident can escalate to surrounding vehicles. One mistake on the road spreads to other cars and endangers the lives of everyone in the area. A crash only takes a few moments to occur, but the lives of those involved will be impacted for years to come.

Source: Miami (CBS4), “5 Vehicle Crash Snarled SR 836 Commute For Hours,” 26 Apr 2011