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  • Focus almost exclusively on protecting the rights of people injured due to negligence of others.
  • Provide honest, tough and effective advocacy through preparation and hard work.
  • Maximize each client’s recovery and, in doing so, create a safer society for all.
  • Give back to the communities we are a part of.

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If you have a serious injury or devastating loss we can help you get needed compensation as soon as possible. Watch our firm’s videos to learn more about our extensive legal services.



$1.3M Settlement Secures Future of Elderly Client

$1.3M Settlement Secures Future of Elderly Client Panter, Panter & Sampedro recently resolved a matter on behalf of an elderly client who was injured as she attempted to enter a car. Taken to a local trauma center in South Florida,…

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David Sampedro Named to 2017 Annual Listing of the South Florida Legal Guide’s List of Top Lawyers
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Proposed Florida Texting While Driving Bill Targets Teens

In the endless battle to curb the number of accidents caused by texting while driving, Senator Rene Garcia is proposing a bill that he hopes will help. Known as Senate Bill 144, the law would make texting and driving a…

Study Finds RN Medication Errors Most Common With Cardiovascular Drugs

When a patient is prescribed medication, they assume that they are getting the right medication and at the right dosage. A recent study looked at the rate of medication errors involving registered nurses in hospital inpatient settings. Sometimes these errors…

Top 10 Workplace Injuries Cost Businesses Nearly $50 Billion Per Year

Each year thousands of workplace injuries take place, not only through many of the jobs listed as one of the 20 Most Dangerous Jobs, but also through other less extreme positions as well. These injuries range anywhere from a minor…

8 Tips for a Toddler Proof Bedroom

We often hear parents talk about baby proofing their home, but as the child grows it’s equally important to take steps to prepare a toddler proof bedroom. According to Safe Kids Worldwide Home Safety Fact Sheet (2015), the risk of…

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