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Our firm has already remained true to its founding principles:

  • Focus almost exclusively on protecting the rights of people injured due to negligence of others.
  • Provide honest, tough and effective advocacy through preparation and hard work.
  • Maximize each client’s recovery and, in doing so, create a safer society for all.
  • Give back to the communities we are a part of.

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If you have a serious injury or devastating loss we can help you get needed compensation as soon as possible. Watch our firm’s videos to learn more about our extensive legal services.



$1.3M Settlement Secures Future of Elderly Client

$1.3M Settlement Secures Future of Elderly Client Panter, Panter & Sampedro recently resolved a matter on behalf of an elderly client who was injured as she attempted to enter a car. Taken to a local trauma center in South Florida,…

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David Sampedro Named to 2017 Annual Listing of the South Florida Legal Guide’s List of Top Lawyers
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Can 3D Printing Technology Help Prove Medical Malpractice Cases?

As with the development of any new technology, there are often pros and cons, especially when it comes to its use in places like hospitals and doctors’ offices. Such is the case with the use of 3D printing technology in…

10 Product Recalls from April 2017

Each month we see companies recalling products that may cause harm to you or your children. It’s important to pay attention to these warnings, as these products could cause sickness, injury, or even death. During the month of April, we…

8 Statistics That Show the Dangers of Distracted Driving

We all know that it’s dangerous to be distracted behind the wheel. When you take your attention away from the road, you run the risk of causing an accident that can leave you or someone else with serious injuries. With…

Using Drone Technology to Prove Negligence in Premises Liability

Every owner of a property, whether commercial or residential, has an obligation to make sure that the premises are reasonably safe and secure for anyone who enters. This can mean ensuring that there is proper signage to acknowledge certain risks…

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