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Senior Man’s Family Settles Lawsuit Against Community Hospital in Wrongful Death Case

Senior Man's Family Settles Lawsuit Against Community Hospital in Wrongful Death Case At 76-years-old, Victor Martinez underwent colon surgery to remove a cancerous mass at a community hospital. [i] In the days following the surgery, Victor went into septic shock. However, by…

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Tell Congress to Protect Your Right to Safe Medical Care

Tell Congress to Protect Your Right to Safe Medical Care Congress is pushing legislation that will make lawsuits brought by injured patients, nursing home residents, and their families nearly impossible to pursue. The so-called "Protecting Access to Care Act of…

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Florida Doctors with Multiple Medical Malpractice Settlements Continue to Practice with Little Discipline

As we all know, medical malpractice is a serious issue in the healthcare industry, but what happens when a doctor faces multiple complaints? A recently released study in Florida found that many of the doctors with multiple medical malpractice accusations…

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Case of Missing Florida Boys

On July 24, 2015, two teenage boys from Palm Beach County took a small boat out into the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean. They were on a simple mission to catch some fish, but unfortunately, the boys never returned…

Takata Recall Affects 2.7 Million More Airbags

It’s not uncommon for an automotive company to issue an occasional recall, however, the now infamous Takata recall only continues to grow. The largest recall in automotive history, it has affected 100 million airbags worldwide, with 70 million of those…

Back to School Safety and Liability

It’s almost time for your children to pack up their backpacks and get back to school. This time of year can come as a relief to many parents who spent the summers helping their kids stay active and engaged in…

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